by Paul White

Vocals come across as sounding natural and open and the sense of stereo perspective is also good with a wide sweet spot, which is particularly welcome if there is more than one person trying to listen to the mix at the same time. There’s perhaps less front-to-back perspective than with the best speakers but the bottom line is that both models are surprisingly affordable yet capable of delivering a balanced sound that you can work with for long periods and where their necessary design compromises won’t stand in the way of you producing a good mix.

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by Future Music

In use, the standout quality of the 802s rushes to the fore with a pleasingly punchy bass response, with an extremely rounded tone. For the size and price, I was particularly impressed by the consistency and weight of this bottom end; these speakers really have been designed with low frequency clarity in mind. (…) Things just got a lot hotter in the active monitor department at this price point.

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by Phil Morse

Smart, compact, practical and great sounding, the Tannoy Reveal 402s are a fantastic small home studio / desk speaker, with the best elements of both computer speakers and pro monitors rolled in, and at a realistic price, too.

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by Mike Metlay

Convenient for serious mixing and recreational listening alike, this is a speaker that’s going to make a lot of friends, and I urge you to give it a test-drive and hear for yourself what a delight it can be.

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by Michael Lavorgna

If you're looking for active desktop speakers in the Tannoy's price range, I would highly recommend adding the Reveal 402s to your shortest of lists. At their price they strike me as a veritable steal.

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Big Monitor Sound, Ultra-Compact Design

Reveal 402: 4˝Active Studio Monitor

Premium Tonal Clarity Across Musical Styles

Reveal 502: 5˝Active Studio Monitor


Reveal 802: 8˝Active Studio Monitor


Making Monitors for Musicians is part of Tannoy’s DNA and that’s why musicians worldwide have timelessly turned to Tannoy when it comes to monitoring their music.


Tannoy is one of the oldest and most prestigious audio brands in the world. Having been founded as the Tulsemere Manufacturing Company back in 1926 and with a presence in the audio industry of almost a century, the brand has a rich history that is ingrained into every loudspeaker it produces.