Reveal 402

Big Monitor Sound, Ultra-Compact Design



by Paul White

Vocals come across as sounding natural and open and the sense of stereo perspective is also good with a wide sweet spot, which is particularly welcome if there is more than one person trying to listen to the mix at the same time. There’s perhaps less front-to-back perspective than with the best speakers but the bottom line is that both models are surprisingly affordable yet capable of delivering a balanced sound that you can work with for long periods and where their necessary design compromises won’t stand in the way of you producing a good mix.

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by Mike Metlay

(…) I was richly impressed with the sound I got from these little speakers. The crossover is, as Tannoy claims, impeccably tuned—I didn’t notice any weird bumps or dips in frequency response in the crossover region, which is a critical one for things like sibilance in vocals and the elusive “presence” in guitars.

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by Phil Morse

Smart, compact, practical and great sounding, the Tannoy Reveal 402s are a fantastic small home studio / desk speaker, with the best elements of both computer speakers and pro monitors rolled in, and at a realistic price, too.

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by Michael Lavorgna

If you're looking for active desktop speakers in the Tannoy's price range, I would highly recommend adding the Reveal 402s to your shortest of lists. At their price they strike me as a veritable steal.

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by Chris Kennedy

It is remarkable how much sound Tannoy have managed to get out of these small speakers, which will no doubt make them popular to people working in their bedrooms or offices. (...) There is a lot of competition in the studio monitor category, however Tannoy have managed to produce these speakers with a price/performance ratio that is sure not to disappoint.

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by Jimmy Den-Ouden

The Reveal 402s are a compact pair of near-field monitors, and as such a thing in its own right, I rate them as competent. That in itself justifies the fairly modest price tag. But here’s the kicker – the stereo image out of the Reveals is insanely great. I don’t know what the hell Tannoy has done to achieve this, but it works extremely well. I reckon these things are a hot contender for bargain of the year.

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Big Monitor Sound, Ultra-Compact Design

Don’t be fooled by Reveal 402’s compact size. Decades of experience in loudspeaker design and tweaking is the foundation for creating Reveal 402.

The result is a massive soundscape generated by the super-efficient 4” woofer and ultra-precise ¾” tweeter.

Expertly Voiced for Massive Sweet Spot

Custom tweaked by Tannoy’s in-house speaker guru, Dr. Paul Mills, the active cross-over filters of Reveal 402 have absolutely impeccable timing.

This produces the ultimate sweet spot so that you can move around in your workspace without losing the stereo imaging of your mix – as well as invite people to sit in with you during mixing sessions.


Making Monitors for Musicians is part of Tannoy’s DNA and that’s why musicians worldwide have timelessly turned to Tannoy when it comes to monitoring their music.

Features: Front

  • ¾" soft-dome "Poke-Resistant" tweeter
  • 4" custom high-efficiency LF woofer
  • Accurately tuned front-firing bass port -allows near-wall placement and ensures optimal LF performance

Features: Rear

  • Balanced and unbalanced inputs for maximum flexibility
  • Plug in your phone /tablet for instant listening gratification
  • Adjust volume and EQ to match your listening environment
  • 50 Watt Bi-Amp module and active crossover filter ensures maximum power and tonal clarity
  • Rubber padded base for acoustical isolation

Tech Specs

Frequency Response
56 Hz -48 kHz
101 dB
Membrane Sizes
¾˝ Soft Dome (19 mm)
LF/Mid Range
4” (100 mm)
Bi-amp Output Power, RMS
Power Output
50 Watts
LF/Mid Range
25 Watts
25 Watts
< 0.9 %
Input Types and Impedances
XLR, 20 kOhm
¼" Jack, 10 kOhm
AUX Link
Mini Jack, 10 kOhm
AUX Link Output
Mini Jack
EQ Options
HF EQ Settings
-1.5 dB HF Cut / Neutral / +1.5 dB HF Boost
Crossover Frequency
2.8 kHz
Low Frequency Alignment
Optimized Front Port
Cabinet Dimensions
HxWxD, inches
9.5 x 5.8 x 8.4
HxWxD, mm
240 x 147 x 212